Big Red Class of 1960 - Super 55th Reunion
August 27-29, 2015 - Steubenville, Ohio
Dear 1960 Class Members,
In September 1959, a couple of days following the celebration of Labor Day, everyone receiving this letter began their first days as members of Steubenville High School's senior class. As we saw it then, we were the ones to be looked up to at SHS. Little did we know what would lie ahead, especially after our high school graduation. At that time, we didn't care, because we were the seniors/top dogs. We were young and innocent and totally invincible. We questioned very little for the most part; it was a good time in our lives. Little did we know what would lie ahead as we grew older.
We couldn't have imagined computers, space stations, or both President Kennedy and Martin Luther King being assassinated, let alone wars in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. We never would have thought that two planes would fly into the World Trade Center and kill so many innocent people. Additionally, we never would have guessed that a couple of brothers would set off bombs at the world's biggest yearly running event - the Boston Marathon, that the stock market would crash, that there would be bailouts, dot coms this, dot coms that, and that our country would be broke. We have seen it all, and between now and August 2015, no doubt we will see more that we could not have envisioned in 1959-1960.
Nevertheless, those reading this letter are still here, and we are still kicking. As I continue to say, we are still "north of the grass." So while we still can, we are going to have and celebrate our 55th Class Reunion, and it is going to (not maybe, but going to) happen on August 27-29, 2015, in Steubenville, Ohio. We are asking you to put this event on your calendar and start making plans to attend. Later on, we will be sending out lists that will tell you who else (such as another class member or the widow/widower of a class member) lives in your geographical area, so that you might travel back to Steubenville together. No excuses! If you have a pulse, we are somehow going to do our best to get you back to the Ville. For those who have lost partners, we still want you to attend – even if you were not part of the class, but your partner was. We still see you as part of our class, our family. If your former partner was part of the Class of 1960, then so are you.
Based on past experience, I know that many who are reading this letter have never attended a reunion. We know that you had every excuse in the book as to why you haven’t attended. As of right now, you have no excuse. If you want to attend or are willing to take a chance by attending, we will somehow make arrangements to get you back to Steubenville. Wives and husbands of deceased members of our class are going to be invited, no questions asked. If you know of someone who fits this characteristic, please let one of the committee members know, and we will take it from there.
As we move forward during the coming weeks and months, you will receive additional information. You won't be sorry.
Like it or not, this could be the last time you will have a chance to see so many old friends. If Mrs. Colman, who taught many of us, plans to attend at age 101, you should plan to be there too. It wouldn’t be the same without you!
Dohrman J. Sinclair III
Class of 1960 Reunion Committee