August 28, 2020
6 months and 4 days left
until our reunion.
Big Red Class of 1960 - 55th Reunion
Big Red Class of 1960 - 55th Reunion

 Our first 60th reunion committee meeting was held on Saturday morning, Feb 8.  The announced reunion dates from that meeting were the 27th and the 28th of August. Those dates have been changed to the 28th and the 29th of August. Follow this page for more updates as we determine the venues, and disclose the activities.
Now you can mark your calendar.

 We are asking you to visit our memorials, and pay a tribute to one or more of our class family who have passed on. Your comments will be meaningful to all who visit this site. It is a very special way to honor these classmates. The process is easy. Go to the memorials and choose the classmate(s)for your tribute. Once you submit the comments, we will be notified, and your comments will be approved for posting on the web site. Your heartfelt comments will be appreciated. If you have any questions, email:  Thank you.

For your special attention:
We have addresses and phone numbers for class members that was last updated for the 55th Reunion.  If you have moved, or have not received any notices from our class, please update your contact information, including email and phone number.  We will be posting updates on this site as we approach the event date, but your contact info is essential.  Send contact info to:
Bill Geiger,

Pictures wanted:
If you have pictures to share from your Big Red years 1956-1960, send them our way. We will create a Memory Lane section in pic folders for all class mates to enjoy.  Send them in jpeg format to

Big Red Class of 1960 55th Reunion Photo Site

On the Big Red Class of1960 Shutterfly share site, you can view or download photos at NO charge.  To download, you'll need to sign up for a free account, but you are not required to buy anything. There is one album with 55th Reunion photos, a total of 390 photos. Click on the link and relive our reunion memories again...........Enjoy.



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Reunion Quiz
Who sang "It's All in the Game" ??

Frank Sinatra
Tommy Edwards
The Platters
Conway Twitty
Reunion Poll
What is your favorite memory from senior year?

The senior prom
Swing Haven
The Friday night game
I can't remember.
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