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Grand 50th Reunion 2010
Remember When
Cover Photo from 1960 Yearbook
From the 1960 Big Red Yearbook
Ohio Valley artist Dave Barnhouse painted this scene of 1940-50 downtown Steubenville, looking down 4th St. toward Market St.
Roosevelt School-2nd Grade: Row 1 from L to R: Joyce Rasic, Bill Cox, David Huff, Lorna Call, Chuck Griesinger, Barbara Hicks, Patty Archer. Row 2: Richard Cole, Shirley Higgins, Kathleen Hilliard, Mary George, Marian Haines, Janie Wisener, Bill Kakaskic,
Row1,L to R:Richard Huff, Joyce Rasic, Bill Cox, ??, Susan Bloomer, Lorna Call, Chuck Griesinger, Dave Hope. Row 2: Shirley Higgins, Richard Cole, Barbara Hicks, Mary George, Patty Archer, Kathleen Hilliard, Marian Haines Janie Wisener, Billy Kakaskic, Ja
Yearbook photos and snapshots from 1969
What We're Doing Now
still working - cant spell retirement.
45th Reunion: 2005
Tour of Fort Steuben: 2005
35th Reunion: 1995
35th Class of 60 Reunion
40th Reunion: 2000
25th Reunion
Big Red Class of 1960 25th Reunion
15th Reunion
Big Red Class of 1960 15th Reunion